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Research interests

  • Social science genetics
  • Behavioral, labor, and health economics
  • Neuroscience 
Work in progress
  • "Genetic fortune: Winning or losing education, income, and health", H. Kweon, C. Burik, R. Karlsson Linner, R. de Vlaming, A. Okbay, T. DiPrete, P. Koellinger
  • "Early childhood trauma negatively affects real-life outcomes via detrimental effects on neurodevelopment: Large-scale evidence from the UK Biobank", G. Aydogan, R. Karlsson Linnér, P. Koellinger, G. Nave, B. Kleim, C.C. Ruff
  • "Multivariate GWAS of ~1.5 million individuals identifies hundreds of genes influencing externalizing spectrum behaviors and disorders", with the Externalizing Consortium
  • "The genetic architecture of income", with the Social Science Genetic Association Consortium.
  • "GWAS of physical activity", with the Social Science Genetic Association Consortium.


Participation in third-party funded research projects